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L​ive streaming is a part everyday life now and an ideal way of allowing customers, clients, or guests to be a part of any event in real time, even when they cannot be there in person.

JMB Videos are a well established company with a proven track record in corporate and family event videography, and are now offering a full multi-camera live streaming service to our clients.

Family Events

At JMB videos we specialise in streaming of family events such as a weddings or funerals, and with years of experience working at family ceremonies you can be assured our team will always operate in a discreet and respectful way.

Having family events live-streamed allows friends and loved ones who cannot attend to be included and share the experience with you as it happens.

Pre-recorded segments can be added to your stream if needed.  For family events a short slideshow can help keep your viewers engaged while waiting for your event to start.

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Corporate Clients

Whether it’s a conference, training day, or product launch,  having your event streamed live allows you to reach your global audience in real-time.

We can add in a pre-recorded segment during your stream if required, this would be an ideal opportunity for companies to include a product demo or promo video at a time when you have your audiences full attention.

Streaming doesn’t have to be global though. 
If you are restricted to limited numbers of attendees in your event room we can easily stream your event to another conference room to allow you to maximise your attendees at the event.

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Stream & Record

All events can be streamed publicly on your Facebook page or You-Tube channel for example, or if you prefer more control over who can access your event we can set up a stream on a private page of our website and provide a link that you can share in advance.

A recording of your streamed event can be provided on USB or on-line if required.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for a competitive,
no-obligation quote.  Each event is different so please include as much detail as you can when contacting us, and don’t forget to include an Eircode for the event so that we can check the quality of network coverage in the area.

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