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Terms & Conditions

1. It is agreed that the terms set out in this booking form is the total agreement made between the parties and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.

2. As standard, your wedding film will contain background music chosen and supplied by JMB Videos. In the event that clients would like to supply their own choice of music, same will be added free of charge provided it is supplied to us at least 14 days prior to the event date. . In cases where the music is supplied by the client, JMB Videos take no responsibility for any breach of copyright as defined by the copyright and related rights act, 2001, and any other subsequent act of the Oireachtas. Any client that supplies their own music do so strictly on the basis that they will indemnify JMB Videos against any liability that may occur as a result of same. It is the clients responsibility to obtain and/or pay for any licence or permission required from the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, The clients undertake that everyone performing at the wedding ceremony and at the wedding reception will be informed that their performance may be recorded for the purpose of inclusion in the wedding video and further undertake that the consent of all such persons will be obtained. The clients agree to indemnify JMB Videos in respect of any liability or claim arising from the inclusion of any performance in the wedding video.

3. At JMB Videos we always endeavour to provide a top quality service, however JMB Videos will not accept any responsibility, other than to refund in full any monies paid by the client in the unlikely event that JMB Videos cannot fulfil this contract due to equipment malfunction, theft, memory card failure, or any other unforeseen circumstances regardless of when or where these may occur. In any event, the total amount JMB Videos will be liable for, is the full value of this contract and shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss..

4. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain advance permission from the relevant authorities to allow JMB Videos record the event in the manner we need, in order to produce the finished wedding film to our usual high standards. Whilst every effort will be made to obtain the best camera & microphone position for recording the event, this may not always be possible due to restrictions imposed on the day.

5. The client understands and accepts that footage recorded will be as the videographer’s professional expertise determines. Although every effort will be made to comply with the client’s wishes, special requests are not binding instruction,.

6. The names and information that is supplied to JMB videos on the ‘Wedding Day Planner’ form, will be used for the opening titles and closing credits on the finished video, as well as for the media design. It is the sole responsibility of the person completing this form to ensure that all names and spellings are correct and legible. Any subsequent changes that are requested by the client as a result of incorrect information having been supplied to us will be charged at an hourly rate, plus miscellaneous costs.

7. If you have viewed one of our demos or online samples, please note that this is shown in order to demonstrate our style of work. JMB Videos cannot guarantee that the content of your finished video will be exactly the same as the demo.

8. JMB Videos will do everything possible to ensure that your edited wedding film is of a pleasing colour balance but cannot guarantee exact colour matching owing to anomalous reflectance caused by a combination of certain dyes and materials especially man-made fibres. It is sometimes impossible to record the exact colour as seen by the human eye.

9. By entering into this agreement, the client grants JMB Videos permission to use images and audio from the recording for promotional, advertising and demonstration purposes.

10. JMB Videos will always take special care to ensure the safety of original photos, digital storage media and its content, or any other material given to us for inclusion on your video but we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to the clients property while in our possession.

11. The editor of your wedding film shall be granted complete artistic licence in relation to the final edit. While any requests sent to JMB Videos in writing before the edit begins will be taken into consideration, it may not always be possible to comply with such requests. Once the edit is completed, any changes thereafter which are requested by the client purely for aesthetic reasons will be charged at an hourly rate, plus any miscellaneous costs.

12. JMB Videos will aim to have everything that was agreed in your chosen package, plus any extras that were ordered on or before your wedding day, ready in less than 60 days from the date of the wedding. This is on the condition that all material being supplied by the client for inclusion has been made available to us no later than 14 days before the event taking place. JMB Videos will not accept responsibility in cases where delivery time exceeds this target due to circumstances beyond our control.

13. JMB videos will hold data used to produce the clients wedding film for 14 days after the finished product has been delivered or emailed to the client, or any agent collecting them on behalf of the client.  In the unlikely event that a client has any complaints with their wedding film, JMB Videos must be notified in writing within this 14 days. Provided that we receive such notification within this period, JMB videos will make every attempt possible to rectify the problem to the customers satisfaction, however, we cannot accept responsibility where these problems arise due to malfunction of the clients equipment or other issues beyond our control. No communication from the client during this 14 day period will be taken as confirmation that the client is happy with the product and there are no complaints of any kind. In this case, project files will be deleted from our system and JMB Videos cannot guarantee the availability of any recorded material for the purpose of producing or changing this video thereafter.

14. All photographs and audio that is supplied to JMB Videos electronically must be in a format acceptable by JMB Videos (.jpeg for photographs /.cda .wma or .mp3 for audio). If the client would like to supply other formats, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain confirmation in advance from JMB Videos that their particular format is acceptable and compatible with our system. JMB Videos will not attempt to use any type of file that is suspected of containing a virus.

15. All media as well as the files contained on them remains the property of JMB Videos until any outstanding balance has been cleared.

16. All digital files recorded on the day of the event remain the property of the JMB Videos at all times.

17. On occasions and without notice it may be necessary for the camera operator originally specified to be substituted by another equally qualified professional.  Also, from time to time JMB Videos may be accompanied by an assistant/ trainee without prior notice unless requested not to by the client at least 14 days before the date of the event.

18. All cancellations must be in writing. In the event of the client cancelling the services of JMB Videos less than 30 days prior to the date of the event, the client must pay the full balance due for their chosen package.

19. The Courts of the Republic of Ireland shall be the courts with jurisdiction over this agreement.

20. Any failure by JMB Videos to enforce any or all of these conditions shall not be interpreted to be a waiver of our rights. By contracting with JMB Videos for an event you are agreeing to these conditions.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms & Conditions please contact JMB Videos on 086 3790448 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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