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What factors were important to you when choosing a videographer?
 Value for money 
 Cost of the cheapest option 
 Range of packages on offer 
 Discreet recording style 
 Reputation of the company 
 Geographical location of the company 
How did you first hear about JMB Videos?
 From a friend 
 Online search 
 Recommended by another supplier 
 Recommended by your venue 
 Weddings-on-line website 
Which of the following do you think best describes our email replies to your questions?
 Well explained and easy to understand 
 Too long and confusing 
 Not detailed enough 
Were you happy with the choice of packages we had on offer?
 Yes, there was a good choice 
 More basic options needed 
 More top level packages needed 
 More options needed throughout 
Please choose any of the following that you would use to describe our service on your wedding day.
 In the way 
 Taking over the show 
Please choose as many as applies
How likely would you be to recommend our service to your friends?
 I would definitely recommend JMB Videos 
 I might recommend JMB Videos if asked 
 I wouldn't recommend JMB Videos 
 I would advise my friends to look elsewhere 
Overall, do you feel that your wedding DVDs from JMB Videos was good value for money?
 Excellent value for money 
 Value for money was about average 
 Poor value for money 
In the lead up to your wedding, did you have confidence in us to deliver the service as promised or were you in any way concerned / doubtful?
 I never worry about things like that 
 No worries even though I usually would be when dealing with any company for the first time 
 Worried, but I always feel that way first time dealing with any supplier 
 Worried because of our experience so far dealing with JMB or something we heard 
If you would like to expand on any of your answers above or have suggestions as to how you think we could improve our service, you can use this text area to tell us.

Please be open and truthful with your answer. We will not be offended and honest feedback will help us to identify any areas of our service that needs to be improved.
Finally, If you would take a minute to give us a short testimonial that may be used on our website/promotional material, we would appreciate it.


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